I was taught to make Western Trees by Dale Harwood in early 1992. I have adapted the methods and techniques that Dale taught me to make trees that are more suitable for making Australian saddles.

Today my business is divided into two parts, making saddles and supplying trees to other saddle makers.  

Over the years I have used a variety of timbers, but the one that I have settled on is Hoop Pine. It is a native timber to Australia, found in the north eastern and the south eastern parts of NSW and QLD. I use this timber for the Bars and Cantle.

 The fork is made from a variety of timbers,  CD ply, Form ply and Hoop Pine laminated together to form the stock thickness required for each style of tree. This method has proven to be incredibly strong and durable.

Below are some examples, (both rawhide covered and uncovered) of the many different styles of trees that I make.